Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bloody Mary Bar

Louisiana has so much to offer in the way of food. Since living in Louisiana, I have eaten some of the best food I have ever had and tried some new things that I either previously did not like or had never really wanted to try. A Bloody Mary is one of those things. It was never something that really appealed to me and one time I had one (in Las Vegas) I didn't really care for it. But, once I tried one here in New Orleans, I realized that these were the real deal--they really know how to make them here!

For the first time in over ten years, Steve decided not to go to Dallas for the annual OU/TX game. The OU/TX game is a game surrounded by great tradition. Between the weekend festivities, the Texas State Fair, seeing friends, walking around hearing Boomer Sooner and OU Sucks constantly, Texas fair food, Big Tex and, of course, the big game, I felt bad that Steve would be missing it. So, to make it a little fun and festive, we decided to have friends over for Bloodys and Breakfast to celebrate the big morning game.

I decided to put together a Bloody Mary bar so that each person to add what they wanted to their own bloody mary. It is super easy to put together and just need to you make sure you have a few options for everyone and let your guests be creative. I have listed a few suggestions below for you but really the possibilities are endless!

The Essentials
The Mix:  If you have a preference, choose your favorite. If not, I recommend Zing Zang. This was a recommendation by one of Steve's coworkers and it really is the best I have had. It is spicy and perfected seasoned. It really stands alone without needing to be "doctored" up.
The Vodka: Again, choose your favorite. We used Tito's. Tito's is handmade vodka from Austin, TX. It is good and not too expensive.
The Veggies: Cut up carrots and celery stalks that can serve as stirrers for your cocktail
The Glass: I think Bloody Marys look best in a high ball glass
The Garnish: Lime Wedges, pickled okra, green olives

The Extras:
Hot Sauce: Here in our house, Tabasco is the only way to go. Crystal or Louisiana Hot Sauce are also good choices
Dry Seasonings: Tony's, fresh ground pepper, celery salt, cayenne pepper. Try rimming your glasses with any of these!
Additional Seasoning Ideas: Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, lemon or lime juice, clam juice, beef broth
Garnishes: Tabasco flavored green beans, pearl onions, boiled shrimp, pepperoncini peppers.

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  1. I never thought making your own Bloody Mary would be so easy. I’ve read in Wikipedia that it’s the world’s most complex cocktail, but as I read your post, you made it seem so easy. Good job!

    Rachell Mckitrick


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